We have all had the experience of a negative friend, family member, or co-worker in our life. It could be someone who complains all the time about her job, but never does anything with the solutions people offer. Or, it could be a good friend who gossips about others and creates drama in your circle of friends.

These people are pessimistic and energy draining. Destructive energy and depressing drama follow them everywhere much like a dark cloud over their heads. If you’re not careful, you can be pulled into their negativity and that can prevent you from reaching your goals or having the life you want.

3 Ways You Can Deal With Negative People

There are many strategies you can use to deal with the negative people in your life. Here are three you can put to use right away:

  1. Set Boundaries. You can set limits and distance yourself from the negative person. You cannot control the negative behavior, but you can control whether or not you engage and accept that negativity into your own thinking and feeling. You can limit the amount of time you spend with them. You can also maintain a level detachment while you are talking with them. This means to not be emotionally attached to the conversation which can be very helpful in determining just how much of their negativity affects you.
  2. Avoid Complainers. It doesn’t take much time for you to determine that someone will always complain when given a chance. You can make the decision to simply avoid them. Also, if a friend, family member, or co-worker displays the classic symptoms of a complainer, you can walk away.
  3. Be Aware, But Don’t Over Analyze. Negative people sometimes behave irrationally. Trying to make sense of their actions or complaints really is a waste of time and energy. Do whatever you can to maintain a level of emotional detachment so that you can walk away from them the moment they exhibit the negative behavior.

It is up to you to maintain your happiness and well-being. Making the decision to keep the negative people at arm’s length from you, avoiding them when you can, and walking away when you are around negative conversations and behavior will help you to be positive. Eventually, the negative people won’t be attracted to you, and you won’t be bothered by them nearly as much.